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Hello reader.

Welcome to this page. Here you can read a little introduction as to who I am and what you can expect from me.

I grew up in the midlands of Natal, experiencing the freedom of small town life, close to nature. On leaving school I was directed into Architecture, where I remained for 40 years of my working life. First living in Durban then in ’78 moving to Johannesburg. Where I got married and am blessed with two of the most incredible daughters, who became the focus of my life. Now that they are grown and living in Cape Town, I have moved to England. Here I have married my first love, Pam, who I originally met at University.

We now live in a beautiful cottage in the best environment in Britain, The Forest of Dean. Here we walk out of our front gate, turn left, take 20 steps, and are in the forest. From there we enjoy walks under the varied Beach, Oak, Pine, Birch and many other beautiful species of trees. This is the WHY that moves me on to creating a home based business,

to be able to enjoy the forest everyday. After looking at really hundreds of internet business opportunities, buying endless ‘how to’ courses on starting an internet business, I have found what works, and is understandable, and has built in backup to assist new people learn the necessary skills.

So join me on my journey of learning the delightful art of online marketing.

Cheers see you on the beaches!



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